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Big tatas, small tatas, read all about ways to tone and tighten the chest area to make any wedding dress look beautiful!!!

Do people actually think there is an exercise that will make your teeny tatas get BIGGER? I hate to burst your bubble, it’s not true, totally impossible; it will NEVER happen. Your actual tatas will NOT grow, but you can build your chest muscles to give you that appearance  of bigger tatas!!!

FYI, your boobies are a majority of fat tissue, also known as adipose tissue. Of course, your breast size is mostly based on genetics but the size of your breasts have to do also with pregnancy and the amount of fat on your body.

So the time has come to start preparing for your wedding day.  Your wedding dress is the first thing on your mind. Rightfully so Princess!  So many choices and millions of options.  There are also lots of factors such as budget, time of year and place, but for some of us it is the dreaded SIZE. I mean how beautiful is that spaghetti strap dress or even the strapless dress, but how uncomfortable would you be with your untoned chest or your “armpit fat” bulging out the top and sides of your dress. We want to look and feel spectacular.  If you have it, flaunt it. But who wants to flaunt the flaws? Unfortunately the majority with bigger breasts have an unwanted amount of body fat as well.

I do have good news for you!! There is a way to tone your chest muscles. We can make your breasts appear firmer and tighten your entire chest region. Strength training will ABSOLUTELY lift and firm your breast. When you begin to lose body fat, you will see a change in your breasts. It’s time to tone and tighten!!!

I have three simple exercises that will ABSOLUTELY help tone and tighten your chest muscles and give you that beautiful décolletage  in your dream dress!!

  1. Chest press on a Swiss ball .

As you already know I love core!! So the intent of using the swiss ball will work the core while toning your chest!

-Grab a pair of dumbbells and lie on your back on a Swiss ball. Your upper and middle back should be placed firmly on the ball.

-Raise your hips so that your body forms a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.

-Your palms should be facing out, but turned slightly inward.

-The weights should form a 45-degree angle with your body.


IMG_7571            IMG_7570


  1. Dumbbell  Chest Flyes on Swiss ball

Grab a pair of dumbbells and lie down on a Swiss ball so that your middle and upper back are placed firmly on the ball. Plant feet flat on the floor about shoulder-width apart. Raise hips so that they are in line with the rest of your body.

Raise dumbbells up above chest so that your arms are straight. Be sure dumbbells are above your lower chest not the upper chest. Palms should be facing each other. This is the starting position.

Begin exercise by slowly lowering dumbbells out to the sides of your body. Arms should have a slight bend in the elbows, but for the most part arms should be straight.

Lower weight down until dumbbells are just below your chest, pause, then reverse movement back to the starting position. This completes one rep.

IMG_7577                       IMG_7578



-Lie prone on floor with hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Raise body up off floor by extending arms with body straight.

IMG_7573                IMG_7574


The myth your tatas will get bigger has been squashed but I will be to your rescue to turn your FLAB to FAB!! You will feel at ease when picking out the dress of your dreams,  and you will look and feel like the perfect most beautiful bride on your wedding day!

Commitment + Consistency= Results!

Make the commitment!


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