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Very often you hear me say or see me post “commitment + consistency =results”! I say it because it is true and I mean it. I wanted to find an example to prove my “equation.” I searched my success stories but realized my best example is… ME!

I graduated high school in 2000 and life was perfect and falling into place. I received a scholarship to Kent State, had great support of family and friends, and of course had the perfect athletic build. I was working out and taking care of myself. I had a promising future until an injury set me back. I had to continue with my workouts and had to continue to prove myself. Unfortunately, I was red shirted my first year at Kent St. During the year, a few more negatives presented themselves. I didn’t realize how difficult college was and I needed lots of guidance. My scholarship was in jeopardy for academic reasons, not to mention my neglect as an athlete. I had gained over 30 pounds. I became lazy, which was something I never expected and something I had to completely change.


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Like I said before, I had support. With the help from family, friends and amazing coaches, I realized I had to shape up or ship out! I changed my degree, changed my eating habits and patterns, and in turn changed my life. I came back my sophomore year determined again to prove myself and it worked! I maintained my scholarship and in 2005 graduated with a major in In Human Movement Studies and a minor in Family Food and Nutrition.

And so it began…my lifestyle change. I worked in strength training gyms and trained athletes, all while learning the best and most effective ways to live the healthiest. My two biggest achievements, Charlie and Michael, also became my greatest success stories. When I was pregnant I gained 55 pounds each time. And each time, I put my experiences and what I had learned to the test. I lost the weight after each bundle of joy and now I am ABSOLUTELY in the best shape of my life.

I feel my health, my experience, and my lifestyle are a true success story. For 15 years I have been pursuing my dream and working hard to achieve it. Sharing my success and showing you how being committed will get results over powers the shame and embarrassment I once felt. I was committed to my lifestyle, I was consistent with my healthy choices, and in the end, my results are as I planned. I am healthy and fit and most importantly, I am happy!!

Could this be you?

“3 months from now, you will either be blown away by how much you have improved in how you look, feel and perform OR you are going to regret not having started your lifestyle change. The choice is yours.”


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Make the commitment!!!


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