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Happy Mothers Day to my Mother,”Rita!!!”

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and what better time than to talk about my very own beautiful Mom! And, I could go on for pages and pages but have decided to keep it short and sweet!

I am number three in a “pack” of 6 kids! #1 Richelle, #2 Christina, myself #3, only boy Benny #4, #5 Nikki and last, but definitely not least, #6 Ali Marie! We grew up close, and I do not mean only in age, but together playing and lovingly close. Mommy always showed her love for us as well. We all had our own special kind of relationship with her. She taught us early to be close, and it has carried on until now, and it will forever.

Mommy and Daddy worked very hard for what we needed and had. Daddy worked outside the home and mommy slaved away inside the house. We always had a clean tidy house, delicious fresh meals, an amazing holiday and party planner, a very accurate on-time chauffeur, neat trendy fashion designer and a very patient crafty hair dresser. If you are familiar with our family, then you know a hair dresser was definitely essential!

As a kid, you do not notice all the hard work and dedication it takes to be a good parent. Especially a parent to six busy little bumblebees! Now that we, four out of the six, are parents ourselves, it all makes sense. All the reprimanding, all the “no no no’s”, all the punishing, all the teaching. Now we understand. Mommy did so much teaching. Mommy spent so much time to the details and making sure things were drilled into our little kid brains. All of us are happy. All of us are successful, whether in a career or parenting. We all have good lives! Mommy taught us right from wrong and made sure we were, for the most part, able to spread our wings once we left the nest. She taught us valuable lessons to make our lives easier and productive.

I want to let all of you know; Mommy is #1, grandmother to eight grandsons. GrandSONS, not a single granddaughter in the bunch. Tristeon, Charlie, Rian, Michael, Carlo, Kainoa, Kelani, little Benny, and Rocco is on the way! Mommy has visited all of them within minutes if it was a Jersey boy and within days if it is was Colorado, Hawaii or Miami boy! She comes to the scene and provides some of the best advice, helps ease the stress and makes a memorable first meeting for herself and the angel baby! Mommy spoils these boys like no other, much differently than she did us, but she is the best Nanny ever!

Mommy has never put herself first. She has lived for us always. Now that we are all grown with our own lives, our own baby boys, and our own other halves, she always finds a way to join us or to unite us. There is not a holiday or birthday that she doesn’t help us celebrate somehow. Mommy is creative and will make decorations, send cards with her own touch, provide the party spot and always, always cook the best food. She has always been the best person to rely on. She has always been the devil’s advocate but in the most helpful of ways. If you need it or even if you just want it, you will get it.

My mother has tried. My mother has fought. My mother has conquered some of the most difficult hardships without fail. Not all of us make perfect decisions, but we look at what we need to do and make the best of the situations. That is exactly what mommy has always done. Whether it’s a problem that needs a solution. Birthday bashes that need to be planned, or a celebration that needs to be celebrated. We, as kids and even as adults, have had a wonderful life. We have experienced some beautiful miracles and mommy has always made them the best memories. All of her kids, living so far away and so spread out, hasn’t been easy to swallow; but mommy has always found time, energy and money to be a part of our special times.

Mommy, Rita! deserves to be celebrated every day! Her efforts are endless. Her dedication is unmistakable. Her intentions are always for the best. We could never repay her countless acts of kindness. I could only attempt to pay them forward by being as kind, thoughtful and selfless as she.

Thank you Mommy for everything you have done and continue to do. Thank you for always making us your number one priority. Thank you for all the lessons, all the effort and all the meaningful things you do. You are Simply the Best!








Have a Happy Mother’s Day! We all love you Mom!! XOXO

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  1. Richelle says:

    Luckiest kid ever! Mom your the best! Wish we cud all be together to celebrate you, hug you and give you smoochies! Enjoy your day! Love you so much MORE! Love n miss xoxoxoxoxo

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