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If you have Discipline, Drive and Determination nothing is impossible!!!!!

What’s right? What’s wrong?…For YOU?


The other day, I witnessed a very sad situation that I can only hope doesn’t become a reality for me. A young man, who is a natural born athlete, was misinformed, misguided and unable to properly express his feelings. He has been playing sports for several years and has always been a success within himself. As he is approaching high school, he is facing a mental setback. He claims to be smaller and even slower than the rest. He does not see himself as the amazing athlete that he is. Because of his insecurities, he became vulnerable and began listening to the negativity spoken by is peers. Football is too hard. You are not fast enough. You are not strong enough. You are not tough enough. He wanted to quit. He was about to give up. His attitude and discouragement weighed heavily on his family’s heart but with a lot of conversations, a few arguments and several handouts, the mood and attitude changed. The realization set in, and he did not have to listen to his peers, he did not have to be the fastest, biggest or toughest. He only had to have heart. He had to believe in himself and be dedicated. Maybe his insecurity has not been completely restored, but he has decided what is right for him. He knows he has the right support. He knows he has a positive push and is capable of anything, if he follows his heart.


It seems we all go through times like this. I physically and mentally challenge people all day, every day. I see how challenging these changes are for you, and my intentions are always for the best. I want your wedding decisions to be easy. I want your lifestyle choices to be simple. And, I want your experience on our journey to be positive and beneficial. I am dedicated to you. But, you have to be dedicated to you.


While making your decisions and choices and going through these experiences, remember that you are your biggest fan. You have a great family and good friends; that’s excellent! Ultimately, it is you who has to push yourself. You have to be the one YOU listen to. Make decisions based on your own life. If you’re too short, find the benefits. If you’re slow, make changes to your workout. If you are not motivated, make your goals within reach, and then push harder. Continue to put forth the effort. Set your goals high but realistic. The lifestyle changes you make have to be within reason. The miracle will happen mentally, inside your heart before you see real physical changes. Believing in you is the true miracle. Show yourself YOU are dedicated, that you can do it. If you believe in you, don’t listen to anyone else, and ABSOLUTELY never let anyone’s words discourage your courageous heart. Push yourself, and you will surpass your own expectations and make yourself proud!


The Sweat.

The Time.

The Dedication.


Make the commitment!! XOXO

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