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Legs,Legs…Sexy Toned Legs!!!!!!

Legs, Legs…Sexy Toned Legs! Who doesn’t want to show off a firm calf or a tight, jiggle free thigh. What a photo when that garter is being taken off your upper thigh or when you’re dancing the first dance and the slit of your dress perfectly displays your sexy toned legs! Working your legs seems like an everyday occurrence. You walk, jog or even run everywhere. You sit and stand at work. Carry kids and groceries up and down stairs. Chase something or someone constantly. But, specifically training your calves, thighs and hamstrings will have the most impact on your legs. Weight training and working out your legs will not magically turn your legs into body builder legs overnight. Decreasing your body fat and emphasizing certain muscle groups will tone and tighten as well as strengthen your muscles. A well performed leg workout will also make everyday tasks easier as well as strengthen your hips. Here are a four of my favorite exercises I truly believe will help anyone with any body type:


Dumbbell Squats:







Dumbbell  Single Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift:









Curtsy Lunge with Side Kick:








Dumbbell Rear Lunge with a Knee drive and Leg Extension:










Always remember there is not a single exercise that should not be executed completely. Making sure your stance is accurate, your weight is appropriate and your body is balanced will ensure a safe and productive workout. And, no workout will work without the proper caloric, fat and protein intake. Eat well and pay close attention to the safety precautions of all these exercises. Do not get discouraged. Everyone has different genetics, different body types and not everything works the same for everyone. Keep a consistent regimen and take care of yourself. The results will be wonderful and absolutely worth your time and energy.


“You’ve got what it takes and it will take all you’ve got!”

Make the Commitment!!!







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