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My Four Favorite Exercise Moves!!!!!!! Core, Core, and more Core!!!

Four of my favorite moves that work the entire body, and most importantly, involve the CORE:

Throughout my training, I have adapted many staple exercises that are vital to building core strength.  Your CORE, or your entire torso, consists of all the abdominal muscles, hip abductors and adductors, hip flexors, pelvic floor and lumbar spine. I am a huge advocate of having core strength, because without core strength many of the exercises that we do will be performed incorrectly. Without core strength, you will have a weak foundation, and you will not get the full benefits of the exercises you are performing. I always tell my clients “walk with your stomach in, belly button to spine!” Lower back injuries and discomfort ABSOLUTELY occur more often when you have a weak core.

1.Inchworm or what I call Walkouts:  Walkouts, which should be done with complete control, are usually the start of any of my exercise programs and performed correctly; you will work your arms, chest, upper back, and your entire core. It is also a great exercise which helps with hamstring flexibility.  You can start with a light and easy variation and use the walkout for warm up or you can change it to become an advanced workout.

       IMG_7399       IMG_7402

2.Pushup-rows with dumbbells:  This compound exercise consists of two movements, which completely engages your entire core. The pushup is one of the best exercises to help build up core strength while strengthening your chest. Adding the row continues to work your core but now you are also targeting the back muscles, shoulders and even legs which help hold your ground.  This, I have to say, is one of my favorite moves!

IMG_7405   IMG_7406    IMG_7415

3.Burpee: This full body movement uses your deltoid, triceps, chest, glutes, hamstrings, calf muscles and most importantly, you use so much of your core. This movement will make your entire body burn. It will boost strength and endurance in your muscles and lungs, not to mention the amount of calories burned. This exercise can be done just about anywhere!

IMG_7427   IMG_7419   IMG_7420

4.Mountain Climbers:  This movement is dynamic and repetitive and needs to be performed properly in order to get the full benefit. Your entire body is being utilized when you perform mountain climbers. You need balance, core strength, upper body strength and leg strength as well. You will use your deltoids or shoulders the most in this exercise. Then your triceps are used because your arms are out straight. Your abdominal and lower back muscles are used for balance. The lower body is completely involved as well. You will use your quads to help keep your legs straight out in front of you.  Your hip flexors are drawn in towards your chest and your glutes contract to extend your hips. It is imperative when doing this exercise to keep your “belly button to spine!”


These four moves are my ABSOLUTE favorite! Even my little guys have fun with them! Yes they are difficult and challenging but if you want results, if you want a foundation, give them a try and keep this in mind…

It never gets EASIER. You just get STRONGER!

Make the commitment!




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