The Buff Bride

“Suns out guns out!” Get those lean toned arms you always wanted!

Have you ever waved “Hi” or “Bye” to someone and felt there was an additional waving effect? Or, when you flex your bicep muscle and it seems the “muscle” is bigger under your arm than your actual bicep. Well, we have all been there. This is a very common subject; one I am always prepared for.

Toning your arms is very important. We use our arms daily and constantly without even thinking about it. Carrying groceries, laundry and our little ones! Most important things in a day! And, let’s not forget short sleeves or tank tops, even in the winter. Your wedding dress selection will grow if your hand and arm isn’t waving. There are several strength training exercises that will sculpt your shoulders, biceps and triceps and keep your arms, elbows and shoulders flexible. Like always, with consistent  exercise and proper nutrition, you will see excellent results. It is ok to skip a day of arms or arm related exercises if you feel too much tension or possible injury. Keep in mind, there needs to be equal strength training to the back and front of each muscle group. Being conscious of the entire muscle will prevent injury and enable the entire muscle to tone and tighten.

I have a variety of exercises shown below that I love to do. These exercises will work shoulders, bicep and triceps. They are for everyone, from strong to stronger, and beginner to advanced. I cannot stress enough the importance of doing these exercises properly to prevent injury and get the ultimate results.

Punches with dumbells:
























Tricep kickbacks:























Tricep Push-Back:











Toning, tightening and strengthening our arms have so many benefits. Daily living, exercising and wardrobe deciding will become a breeze. And, all you beautiful brides to be, your dress stress will become a little greater, but you will look stunning no matter the style. Take your time with learning your muscle strength. Execute the exercises. Keep positive and pay attention to your body.

“Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind you have to convince. Never give up!”

Make the commitment!





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