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I do what I do for YOU! I was busy at the gym minding my own business and someone came over to me and asked a great question. “What motivates you?” So many answers came to mind, and I pondered the answers and came up with the best way to explain. First off, as I […]

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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!   I’m sure you all ended New Year’s night with a resolution, and statistically most of those are to “Get in Shape!” or something to that effect. If by today, you have changed at least one thing moving towards your health goal, you are on the right path. Here is […]

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How to survive the HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

You can cheat, but you won’t be beat… What a bitter sweet time of year. Holidays are here, and the family visits are being planned; gifts are being decided on, purchased and just the thought of all the delicious meals and yummy desserts are already gaining on you! Everything, from the turkey and mashed potatoes, […]

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Helpful Tips to get you Back on Track!!!!!!!

It’s official! SUMMER IS OVER. Time to put the white slacks you worked so hard to get into away and pull out the slipper socks to prepare for the chilly Fall evenings. And, don’t forget, it is time to get back on track and into the healthy routine again. There are a handful of helpful […]

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Getting back on track!!!

Welcome back! Summer is at its end. School is back in session and that means life is back on schedule! Life is back to normal. Summer 2015 was fun, exciting and busy for the bambinos, for Mr. Busy C, for myself and for all my BuffBrides! Lots of running around from field to field! Miles […]

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My super foods!!!!!!!

I have handful staple ingredients or should I say, super foods that are absolutely in my lifestyle. All of which are in some way or another, a life line. A life line because they are a real health conscious choice and a life line because without them, I would eat processed, fattening unhealthy foods. My […]

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