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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!   I’m sure you all ended New Year’s night with a resolution, and statistically most of those are to “Get in Shape!” or something to that effect. If by today, you have changed at least one thing moving towards your health goal, you are on the right path. Here is […]

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How to survive the HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

You can cheat, but you won’t be beat… What a bitter sweet time of year. Holidays are here, and the family visits are being planned; gifts are being decided on, purchased and just the thought of all the delicious meals and yummy desserts are already gaining on you! Everything, from the turkey and mashed potatoes, […]

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“Suns out guns out!” Get those lean toned arms you always wanted!

Have you ever waved “Hi” or “Bye” to someone and felt there was an additional waving effect? Or, when you flex your bicep muscle and it seems the “muscle” is bigger under your arm than your actual bicep. Well, we have all been there. This is a very common subject; one I am always prepared […]

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