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I do what I do for YOU! I was busy at the gym minding my own business and someone came over to me and asked a great question. “What motivates you?” So many answers came to mind, and I pondered the answers and came up with the best way to explain. First off, as I […]

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Helpful Tips to get you Back on Track!!!!!!!

It’s official! SUMMER IS OVER. Time to put the white slacks you worked so hard to get into away and pull out the slipper socks to prepare for the chilly Fall evenings. And, don’t forget, it is time to get back on track and into the healthy routine again. There are a handful of helpful […]

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Getting back on track!!!

Welcome back! Summer is at its end. School is back in session and that means life is back on schedule! Life is back to normal. Summer 2015 was fun, exciting and busy for the bambinos, for Mr. Busy C, for myself and for all my BuffBrides! Lots of running around from field to field! Miles […]

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The Big Obstacle to Beat! Cravings and how to control your Appetite!!!!

Everyone’s day is busy, everyone’s day is hectic. I’m sorry, but it is no excuse for forgetting to eat and definitely no excuse for overeating or binge snacking. Please believe me when I say, I know it’s easier said than done. Over the years, I have tried and failed to have only finally succeeded. But, […]

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“Suns out guns out!” Get those lean toned arms you always wanted!

Have you ever waved “Hi” or “Bye” to someone and felt there was an additional waving effect? Or, when you flex your bicep muscle and it seems the “muscle” is bigger under your arm than your actual bicep. Well, we have all been there. This is a very common subject; one I am always prepared […]

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Dont Turn your Back on your Back!!!

There is one place we ignore almost without fail. It’s easy to see our legs, arms, butt and belly; but not our backs. It’s easily neglected. It is not until it comes time to wear a low back or backless dress that we give a care and then we want to kick ourselves. Not only […]

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