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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!   I’m sure you all ended New Year’s night with a resolution, and statistically most of those are to “Get in Shape!” or something to that effect. If by today, you have changed at least one thing moving towards your health goal, you are on the right path. Here is […]

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The Sour on our Sweets!!

How sweet it is to indulge in a chocolate bar, a couple of twizzlers, an ice cold soda or, my favorite, a big glass of apple juice? Did you know, even in moderation, sugars weaken our system which makes it easier for us to soak in the “badness”! A sweet treat sounds so good, but […]

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Getting back on track!!!

Welcome back! Summer is at its end. School is back in session and that means life is back on schedule! Life is back to normal. Summer 2015 was fun, exciting and busy for the bambinos, for Mr. Busy C, for myself and for all my BuffBrides! Lots of running around from field to field! Miles […]

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The Big Obstacle to Beat! Cravings and how to control your Appetite!!!!

Everyone’s day is busy, everyone’s day is hectic. I’m sorry, but it is no excuse for forgetting to eat and definitely no excuse for overeating or binge snacking. Please believe me when I say, I know it’s easier said than done. Over the years, I have tried and failed to have only finally succeeded. But, […]

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My Four Favorite Exercise Moves!!!!!!! Core, Core, and more Core!!!

Four of my favorite moves that work the entire body, and most importantly, involve the CORE: Throughout my training, I have adapted many staple exercises that are vital to building core strength.  Your CORE, or your entire torso, consists of all the abdominal muscles, hip abductors and adductors, hip flexors, pelvic floor and lumbar spine. I am […]

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Red Bank Wedding Walk

What a weekend I am about to have! On Sunday, March 22nd,  Red Bank is holding their Annual Red Bank Wedding Walk.  For the last month, I have been preparing for my first big event, and I couldn’t be more excited. This event consists of 40  businesses, all pertaining to wedding day bliss. It is […]

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