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The Big Obstacle to Beat! Cravings and how to control your Appetite!!!!

Everyone’s day is busy, everyone’s day is hectic. I’m sorry, but it is no excuse for forgetting to eat and definitely no excuse for overeating or binge snacking. Please believe me when I say, I know it’s easier said than done. Over the years, I have tried and failed to have only finally succeeded. But, it took consistency and a lot of commitment to find the right combination of meal foods, snack foods and in between activities.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Some cheats that will put you on the right track! This will help curb your hunger, control your appetite and keep you energized throughout the whole day!

1- SNACK and MEAL preparation = portion control
Prepare a majority of your meals at the beginning of the week. First, plan your meals. Go shopping for your meats and veggies. Decide on your snack options. Cut and cook the chicken. Wash and wrap the fish. Cut veggies and prepare your snacks. Preparing this way will make meal time easy and quick. It also helps you avoid the unnecessary “picking.” Meal and snack prep is time consuming but makes you aware of your food choices and is a healthy option. If you can prepare your lunches and dinners, as well as your snacks, think how easy it will be to control your portions. You will be at the beginning of a very healthy lifestyle change.

If you eat fiber and protein rich foods, you will be surprised at the energy you will have. These foods will also keep you fuller; leaving you hunger satisfied and prevents you from snacking again or over snacking. Eating healthy foods also keeps your sugar levels at a normal level, which is a major cheat factor.

This may sound crazy, but it really is helpful. One way it helps me is when I’m running around with the boys, running errands, and time gets away from me. Oh crap, its lunch time and the little angels need to eat NOW. Easy, fast McDonalds! Tell yourself, out loud if you need to, “don’t do it!Why ruin a good streak? Remember how far you have come. “It doesn’t even quench my hunger; it’s just an easy fix!” Another major obstacle for me is being home with snacks in the cupboard and treats in the fridge. Angel babies are at school or napping. “Don’t you dare, you are what you eat. Take control. Be consistent. Make the commitment. Be good to yourself!” All this talking is worth the craziness. Prove to yourself you are your biggest supporter. YOU be the one that makes you happy!

Water should become your BFF! Carry a bottle everywhere. Even bring into places to refill. Being even slightly dehydrated will make your body believe you are in some way hungry. Drink plenty during the day but always consume a nice tall glass of water before a meal. Drinking water helps control a hungry appetite.

Exercise daily. Even when you have relaxing days, still go for a walk. When you exercise, you feel good. When you feel good, you don’t want to ruin it. Keep this good thing going.

Eating healthy is very simple if you stick to a plan. Eventually, it will become your lifestyle and you will not thing about the junk food. You will no longer enjoy a bag of chips or a soda. Preparing a healthy meal or snack, drinking water and exercising will make you look and feel good. Talking to yourself may seem odd but ABSOLUTLY has been a huge help. I am my biggest fan. It’s ME who wants ME to change. Only I can change ME!


“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.”

Make the commitment!




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