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Buff Brides to be Challenge!!!

Welcome to the Friday Challenge!

How would you like to work new muscles, feel the pain and the gain, try new ingredients and possibly become organized in your everyday life? Every Friday, I will post a new idea that I would like you to try and experiment with. Be prepared for outrageous exercises, tasty recipes and lifestyle changes. I would love to hear your comments with the Buff Brides to be Friday Challenge experience!


This weeks is an exercise challenge:

Shoulder taps with push-ups in between!!


Excellent exercise for CORE, of course, but also works the shoulders, chest, triceps!!!!

Below are demonstrations of Both an advanced and modified technique!!!


Goal: 3 sets of 10 shoulder taps with 5 push-ups in between!!!

Try the modified version first if its too easy, CHALLENGE yourself!!!!












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  1. Meredith Otero says:

    CRUSHED IT this morning!!!! 🙂

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