The Buff Bride

Calling all Beauties, time to get Buff!!!!!!!! Summer Countdown!!!

Everywhere you go, anywhere you look, there is either a bathing suit, patio furniture, or some inclination that the end of the cold weather has come and summertime is approaching. Yikes!! It came quick, and you have about two months or so to find the perfect bathing suit and FIT in it! The countdown to summer has begun. Let’s do this!

There are several solutions, and I am your MAIN one. Get a hold of a few of your best girlfriends, and sign up for buff buddy sessions. My plan is to make the workout hard but fun and NEVER BORING!!!!

I would love to meet with you and your girlfriends, decide on the best schedule for successful training sessions and push you to your limits! There are many ways we can set this up but first things first, give me a call! My approach is simple. There will be initial measurements along with weekly weigh-ins. We will be managing your food and drink intake by evaluating new ways to eat and drink. And, of course, the constant contact to make sure you reach your desired realistic goals. We can work out according to your timetable, and we can meet in a park or at my private gym. My goal is your health and your goals. I will listen to you and your group. Find a commonality and push the group into the perfect place. Motivation is key in any successful training program. All you need to do is make the commitment and prove to yourselves what you are really made of.

I look forward to hearing from you and your girlies and making the best come out in all of you.


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