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Getting back on track!!!

Welcome back!

Summer is at its end. School is back in session and that means life is back on schedule! Life is back to normal.

Summer 2015 was fun, exciting and busy for the bambinos, for Mr. Busy C, for myself and for all my BuffBrides! Lots of running around from field to field! Miles and miles of driving for myself and Hubby. Sun was up, so we were up. Bedtime and dinner times changed, days started later and got longer. Fun was our priority during the summer and fun is what we had!

So back to business! Have to begin the regimen all over again! Planned and timed workouts! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack prep! Decrease the lax and pick up the slack!! Do not be discouraged. Do not fret. I am still here and will guide you back on track!

Like before, my goal is YOU! I would like to hear from YOU! What do you want to know? What do you need to work on? Send me a message or comment letting me know your troubled area. Is it getting the lifestyle change back to healthy? Is it getting enough energy to make it through the day or even your workout? Could it be losing the few summer pounds you might have gained consuming those delicious mojitos and margaritas? Whatever it is, Ask! I may not answer right away but between my team and I, you WILL get an answer!


I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you are all ready for some new challenges!


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