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I have never felt more sexy and confident as I did on my wedding day and I owe a big THANK YOU to Lauren for getting me there. Lauren and I were teammates in college and I knew she had started this amazing business for brides! I inquired with her what I could do to look amazing in my dress and since we live in different states, she provided me with workouts that I could in my home since access to a gym was difficult. She also gave me guidance on my nutrition that helped me see optimal benefits from my workouts! It was also SUPER motivating when she would text or email me to check in and see how I was doing. I felt as though I had an accountability partner and I never wanted to let her down! I was pretty terrified of lifting weights (fear of bulking), but after a few weeks I was LOVING the results I was seeing. It is true... weights won't make you bulky! Preparing for my wedding day made me want to make a lifestyle change, so I continue to lift weights and follow Lauren's nutrition guidance. I can only IMAGINE what I would have looked like if I was able to train WITH Lauren before my wedding day!


My experience with Buff Brides was amazing & motivating! I've known Lauren since high school and when I realized she was a personal trainer - I reached out to her immediately. I was about 6 months away from my wedding date and looking for a workout routine that would get me lifting weights, hold me accountable, and push me. She did just that and more! Her high energy, motivation, and athleticism are the only way to describe her and it transcends into her job as a trainer!  We worked out with weights twice a week and other days I went to cardio classes at my gym - spinning, running, etc.  Everyday her workouts were great training - I came in familiar with circuit training and weights but she always pushed me harder. The workouts were challenging but not where I felt stupid or couldn't do the exercises and she always had me sweating! Even in January!! In the past, at other gyms and group training classes, I never felt challenged enough but that was never a problem with my Buff Brides trainer! She was always focused on my movements and could easily tell when something was too easy or kicking my butt.

One of the nicest and most personal aspects of the experience was how she was always available for questions and truly cared about my progress. We texted daily about my diet, my independent cardio workouts, and just overall how I was feeling, etc. That one on one really held me accountable and sometimes when I would want to eat sweets, I would think about her and stop myself! We would review what I ate based on her food list and intake she gave me, and when I plateaued - she would figure out what I needed to change. She was so positive to talk to and work with but I truly loved the fact she was not someone who sugar coats the reality about the personal effort needed to attain your weight loss goals.

In the long run, I lost about 13 lbs and my waist was back down to 27 inches by the week of my wedding!! My biggest achievements were mental because I saw major results in my inches & muscle tone!  I will always have a curvy figure and carry weight in my legs - but working out with Lauren made me  more toned in those areas and I feel really confident about myself. This is the first summer I wore shorts in 3 years! Everyone I ran into, worked with, family - you name it - noticed the change - even down to the girl who threads my eyebrows! Also, I saw major improvements in the muscle tone of my arms, shoulders, and especially my back - which was needed for my dress!

Overall my experience was truly positive. A few months ago I recommended one of my best friends who was also getting married - her results were just as amazing! Anyone looking to get stronger, look leaner, and feel good on their wedding - should reach out to Buff Brides!

IMG_1140Lauren is an amazing trainer. I started working with her 7 months before my wedding and had incredible results. I lost over 20+ pounds, toned, and became a healthier person. If you make the commitment with Lauren and stay consistent you’ll feel confident and look amazing on your wedding day! Lauren encouraged, guided, and motivated me the entire process!!! My goal was to look and feel beautiful on my wedding day and I did!I would recommend her to any bride in the Monmouth county area. I will continue to stay with Lauren to now become a Buff Beauty!!!


angI trained with Lauren Starting in March 2015 and she changed my life. She not only helped me look and feel beautiful on my wedding day, she showed me a healthier way of life and gave me the confidence I was missing. I achieved all my goals with Lauren pushing me every step of the way. Lauren's constant encouragement and positive attitude is contagious. I am so happy with my results and will forever be grateful!!!! - Angie

450Five years after I graduated from being a Division I athlete, not working out or watching what I ate… it certainly caught up to me. I finally realized that I wasn’t acting like an athlete anymore and reality set in… I actually need to (willingly) workout to get slimmed down and toned again.

I reached out to Lauren at the end of May 2013 (only four months prior to my wedding) and we had our first workout scheduled by the first week of June. My goal was to lose 25lbs in 4 months. My initial question to Lauren was “Is it even realistic?!” and without hesitation, she said “Absolutely!” She was honest that it wasn’t going to be easy, but if I listened to her and stuck to the program, I would look and feel amazing in my wedding gown. She was right, in 4 months I lost 25lbs and felt great in my dress!

Lauren and I are both former field hockey players and true athletes at heart, so I knew I was in for it when it came time for the workouts!! They are intense and challenging, but not impossible. With her knowledge of different muscle groups and exercises, you will get a full body workout every time!

Not only does Lauren provide personal training exercises, but she also coached me in changing the food I was eating too. What really stuck with me is that Lauren emphasized it’s not a ‘diet’ – rather, a lifestyle change. She taught me that if I continued to think of the food I was eating as a ‘diet’ I was putting myself in a temporary mindset…therefore only achieving temporary results. The way I grocery shop and prepare meals for myself and my husband is completely different, but all for the better! And because I am able to continue with a healthy lifestyle, I’m able to indulge every now and again with the foods (and drinks) I love!

Lauren’s style as a trainer is very fun, welcoming, and she truly cares about everyone she works with. Your goal is her goal too. She checks in all the time to see how you are doing, progressing, how your body is responding to workouts, etc. She provides honest feedback and guidance to get you where you want to be physically!

It’s now been almost 2 years working with Lauren and I have maintained my weight loss. I went into my program with Lauren thinking it would be temporary just to get me where I wanted to be for the wedding, however, a year and a half later I can’t imagine my life any other way! - Meredith O.

kateLauren is brilliant at what she does. Leading up to my wedding I knew I wanted to be in the best shape of my life to show off my strapless gown. Lauren kept me motivated, worked me hard, and pushed me to my limits to achieve the best pre wedding body I could have . I felt great in my dress, and most importantly on my honeymoon. Lauren is not only a great trainer but her fun and upbeat personality make her fun to hang out with and motivated me to go to my sessions. I'm so happy to have met her and being a Buff Bride client was one of the best decisions I made during my wedding planning. - Kate T.

hart"Encourage us to conquer anything..." I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Lauren Messano. About a year before we got married, my husband and I started this amazing journey. We went from being couch potatoes to gym rats, all because of how dedicated and inspiring Lauren was. Always just a call away or a simple text from her to encourage us to conquer anything. All because of her i myself lost 42 pounds and my husband Joe lost 37 pounds. It was a lot of hard work and dedication on our part, but if it wasn't for Lauren we could have never gotten done. - Kristin Hart

weddng"She stresses the importance of clean eating..." I started working out with Lauren 7 months before my wedding. I hadn’t been to the gym in years, was totally out of shape and could not do any kind of pushup – on an incline, on my knees or otherwise. At first I was intimidated, but I was determined to look FABULOUS in my wedding dress and on the honeymoon. There are many things I love about training with Lauren. She knows how hard to push, though never too much. Every session was difficult, but achievable. She stresses the importance of clean eating, while realizing that I live in the real world where carbs and alcohol exists. With Lauren’s help, I was able to lose a few more pounds (during the summertime!!) and looked pretty good at my wedding!! Even more important than looking great for one life event, Lauren has taught me the importance of getting and staying in shape, having good eating habits and feeling better about myself. She helped me stay in shape through the birth of my 2 kids, 3 and 4½ years later. I still live by the rules set by Lauren all those years ago. Who knew training to get in shape for a wedding would totally change my life!!! - Gina M.

Buff Beauties!

testimonialMy name is Lisa, I am 50 years old and my journey with Lauren Messano, began in March of 2008. I was 43 years old, weighed 187 pounds, worked as a line cook, mother of three sons (15, 12 and 10 years old in 2008). I was always exhausted, had terrible lower back pain and in general – not very happy. The turning point was two fold. My friend and I had taken our children to visit the Statue of Liberty. I was so out of shape that I wasn’t able to climb the steps, so my friend took her 3 children and my 3 sons to the landing and I went back to the landing – embarrassed, ashamed and knew at that moment I needed to make some really big changes in my life.

I found the courage to go to a local gym, not far from my house and the manager said I could make an appointment with a trainer to be evaluated. That’s where my journey begins with Lauren. Lauren was actually on her way out on that day, with her beautiful 1 year old son on her hip. She had a warm smile and her big, beautiful blue eyes looked directly into my eyes and she said she would happily meet with me the next morning. I made an 11:00 appointment and the rest is history. The evaluation went well, according to Lauren. I was horrified to put on exercise clothes and I considered cancelling BUT something inside of me made me persevere. Lauren stated I was very limber, needed to build muscle and of course, to do cardio to lose weight. She briefly spoke about eating habits and stated that a 43 year old woman doesn’t really need to consume too many calories, around 1400-1600 calories incorporated with healthy eating.

Lauren was patient, kind and loved me through ALL of my excuses and obstacles. Here are a few of my challenges, I can only work out 1 day a week (I worked 5 10-12 hour days and I was really tired), I was off on Wednesday and Sunday – Wednesday was dedicated to my ½ hour training session and Sunday was family day. Eating, cooking and eating was the only life I knew. My family cooks and eats for any and every occasion you can think of – so how could that change. Well, after a year I weighed 177. I was discouraged – but Lauren looked me in my eyes and said “You know what to do”. I did – I just didn’t want to give up the only life I had known. So I decided to buckle down, eat less, train more and wouldn’t you know – I lost weight. This brings me to 2011, I weighed around 165, was down to a size 12 and was so happy!! Next, my cousin asked me to read at her wedding. I was determined to look my best and spent the year walking, eating better and training with Lauren 3 days a week. I’m happy to say, I weighed 150 at her wedding and wore a size 10 dress – I was thrilled.

Today, I consistently train with Lauren – 3 days a week. Food is no longer my friend – I eat healthy – I take care of me. Lauren was with me and there for me every inch of the way and every pound that I lost. Her encouragement throughout the years and NEVER forcing a “diet” or insisting that I train 6-7 days was key to my success. Lauren literally loved me through all of my excuses and never discouraged me, she only encouraged me. I have never been this physically fit or in better shape in my life. I thank Lauren for her knowledge of exercise, her expertise with eating habits and her instinctive ways of knowing how to deal with people. Lauren has allowed me to change my life for the better and I will be forever grateful. - Lisa

realdealI've been training with Lauren for five years. Lauren is my motivation. She has brought me to a level that I am so proud of. Her exceptional master of her craft; incredibly bright with a treasure of trove of health and fitness knowledge; expert in running, weight training, nutritional program; and a warm, spontaneous personality that make workouts fun and beyond hysterical. I am thrilled to have found Lauren. No other personal trainer has provided me with such amazing results. I cannot thank Lauren enough for her commitment to me. Lauren is the real deal in an industry full of wannabes, and she is the benchmark by which any trainer should be measured. - Dorothy C.

Lauren was recommended to me by a mutual friend. I really wanted to get into the best shape I possibly could for my wedding and I saw her page and the results she was driving out of her clients and I just knew I was making the right choice!! I was always athletic and "in shape" but I really wanted to slim down, which Lauren helped me do! I have been going to Lauren for 4 months now and I have lost almost 15 lbs and several inches all over! Trust her process, you won't be sorry! Her workouts are challenging and she keeps you on track toward your personal goals. I could not be happier with the results I am seeing and will continue to see! My wedding was last weekend and I looked and felt AMAZING thanks to Lauren!! She is the BEST!! highly recommend!! I cannot thank her enough!! I cannot wait to continue as a buff beauty!! - Randi Sperling

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I came across Buff Brides on instagram a few month ago and I was looking for that extra push to get where I wanted to be for my wedding. I was a little nervous at first because I had never gone to a trainer before and just started working out this past year but I immediately felt at ease after contacting Lauren. Her positive attitude is so contagious and she really makes working out so fun! She has completely transformed my work outs and my body in these past few months! I cannot thank her enough! She even got me to eat veggies after 27 years of boycotting them. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer! I promise you won't regret it! - Alyssa Carter

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