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How to survive the HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

You can cheat, but you won’t be beat

What a bitter sweet time of year. Holidays are here, and the family visits are being planned; gifts are being decided on, purchased and just the thought of all the delicious meals and yummy desserts are already gaining on you! Everything, from the turkey and mashed potatoes, to the desserts and the thoughtful gift baskets, cannot be denied. Who can help picking at the cheese & crackers and meat trays, or the endless amount of various before meal nibbles? Then, how can you resist a meal fit for a king. There are always way too many carbs, but you can’t have a Thanksgiving feast without mashed potatoes AND rolls. Now, the trickiest part is definitely the dessert table. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, cookies and several other family favorites. And, are we supposed to just say no to grandma’s famous dessert as she is covering it with homemade ice cream? Impossible!

There are several ways you can help yourself, but you have to decide for yourself that you want to remain in control. You know what you are capable of. You know what you can handle, better yet, what you should handle. Remember, you are what you eat. Remember, it is you who has to want the best outcome for you. I can help you with advice, at-home-workouts and personal training, but if you do not control yourself and limit yourself, you will be headed straight for a major setback. Continually remind yourself how far you have come and look over the progress. Your hard work has proved positive results. You can do this for yourself. 

I follow a few rules to help me overcome the holiday bulge.  Start your day off by eating a small and healthy breakfast. Eat a meal high in protein and fiber. Doing this will help keep the edge off and eliminate over eating. 

Secondly, drink plenty of water throughout the entire day. Stay full with water and confuse your entire system. Also, try to tell yourself that “today is no different than yesterday. If it was a dinner party during the summertime, I would be weight conscience.”

Before filling the plate, check to see if there is a smaller plate you can use. Using a smaller plate will ensure you cannot eat as much. Eat slowly throughout the day and control your portions.  Portion control. Portion control. Portion control! The stuffing is delicious but do you really need to fill your plate with it and cover it with three scoops of creamy mashed potatoes and top it with a cup of gravy? 

Here’s a hard one to swallow….control your alcohol intake. Yes, it is stressful being with the in-laws or showing off your new partner but there is no need to over consume and pack on the extra-extra calories. Stay sober-ish, and you can control the situation better. Alcohol can also lead to eating more and this can be perilous. 

Try your hardest not lose weight over the holidays, instead, maintain your weight. Focus more on visiting and spending time with your family and friends and making memories. No one said having a healthy lifestyle was easy but by all means, it is possible. With your dedication and some advice from me and even a small workout during the hectic day, you will survive this holiday season. Stay strong for yourself and

Make the commitment!


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