The Buff Bride

Introducing BUFF BEAUTIES, Feel the Empowerment!!!

Every woman has a different definition of what they want, how they want it and what looks good on them. I have developed an idea to help you find it! Here it is my latest creation, my new baby… BUFF BEAUTIES! Sounds similar to the ever so popular idea BUFF BRIDES to be, but I will present new ideas and prove to you that you are strong, you are beautiful and you will feel empowered!

I have started BUFF BEAUTIES to empower women. I will make you feel comfortable in the weight room lifting weights with the “boys!” Why can’t “buff” be beautiful?! I am a huge advocate of wearing makeup, getting your hair and nails done, feeling good, looking good and why not be a BUFF BEAUTY at the same time.

Not too long ago, I attended a party,  I did my norm: hair, makeup, nails, outfit, and I felt great. I received several compliments on the shape that I am in and how well I take care of my body. It was then I realized there is no need to only be “skinny”. Being physically fit and having muscles is OK. In fact, it is exactly what women need. So, not only have I begun BUFF BEAUTIES to prove to you it is OK, I also want to encourage you it is beautiful.

Being BUFF sounds rough. It sounds manly. But, I promise you having muscles and remaining small is the next best thing. The word is, beauty is skin deep, and I agree, but in order to feel beautiful inside, I truly believe you need to help yourself on the outside! There isn’t a better feeling then leaving a fitness class or a work out and having your endorphins running high! This is just the beginning! You will continue on a healthy track by eating well and adding not only a cardio routine but a work out as well. Before you know it, you start feeling even better, wearing your “skinny” clothes, putting on a pair of heels to show off your calves, trying the latest mascara. You will get your confidence back! You feel good and the world knows it. You will SHINE!

I cannot stress enough the importance of “strength training”. There are so many benefits and unfortunately, so many people avoid lifting weights as potential of bulking up or not looking feminine. I am all about being the most girlie girl you can be but having muscle tone behind your brand new wardrobe is a beautiful, positive, sexy trend to start!

I will empower woman to believe in themselves. Believe they are beautiful. See your beauty on the outside and believe in your beauty on the inside! Being buff is just part of this whole concept! BUFF BEAUTIES has been created to make YOU feel stronger, look leaner and EMPOWER you to push yourself without any limits.








You are worth every bit of all your beauty!

Make the commitment!


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