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The Sour on our Sweets!!

How sweet it is to indulge in a chocolate bar, a couple of twizzlers, an ice cold soda or, my favorite, a big glass of apple juice? Did you know, even in moderation, sugars weaken our system which makes it easier for us to soak in the “badness”! A sweet treat sounds so good, but it leads to so many side effects. Weight gain, liver damage, early aging and tooth decay, diabetes, and cancer are just a few of the effects.

No longer sounds so sweet, right?


Not only is sugar ABSOLUTELY unhealthy, it is highly addictive. Several medical studies have shown that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. When using drugs and eating sugar, our brain reacts to the idea of the “high” and produces an extreme amount of dopamine. Having the spike in dopamine is what keeps us going back to the drug or even the snack. And, the addiction continues.


Now, you have all heard of the diets where fruit and vegetables are limited due to the sugar amounts. Keep in mind there are two different sugars which affect our bodies differently. The sugars found in fruits and vegetables are known as glucose. If we do not have enough glucose sugar in our system, our body produces it naturally. We need glucose sugar for energy. Glucose sugar is in every cell in our bodies. It is utilized and burned up almost as soon as it is consumed. Eat your fruits and veggies! They have so many vitamins, minerals and enzymes which cancel out any negative effects on metabolism.


Weight gain is so common for those who consume sugars regularly. A quick rundown of the catastrophic effect it has on our system goes like this…The fructose sugar turns into FAT. Eating sugar is far worse than eating FAT. Fructose sugar is sent to our liver to be broken down. Because our liver is mostly full of glycogen, it will become overloaded and turns fructose sugar into FAT. Eventually we develop a fatty liver which leads to obesity and diabetes.


Eating too much sugar contributes to early aging and sagging skin. Sugar attaches to proteins during a process called glycation which decreases the elasticity between skin, organs and tissue. Sugar also feeds bad bacteria in your mouth and causes tooth decay. Tooth decay could lead to gum and heart disease.


There have been many studies completed which indicate sugar consumption could lead to cancer. Cancer is known to be an over growth and multiplication of cells, and insulin will keep this process regular. A constant overabundance of insulin can cause cancer. Your immune system is also greatly affected by the intake of bad sugars. Bacteria and yeast feed on sugar making us more prone to illness.


Many people reach for a glass of juice instead of an apple or orange. Bad idea! Juice contains just as much sugar as a can of soda. Eat fruit, and you will feel better and remain hunger satisfied longer.

As addictive as sugar is, you can slow down and control your cravings. Take some time to concentrate on your sugar intake. Make it a priority for a few weeks. Get this issue under control and you will actually have more energy, feel healthier, and you WILL be healthier. Sugar poses such an addictive and harmful lifestyle. You can’t see the harm it does to your “insides” until it’s too late. As far as your “outsides,” who wants to be sick with a cold all year round and overweight with rotten teeth?


Make smart choices about what you eat. Your bad choices will eat you up!

Make the Commitment!!!


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