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I do what I do for YOU!

I was busy at the gym minding my own business and someone came over to me and asked a great question. “What motivates you?” So many answers came to mind, and I pondered the answers and came up with the best way to explain. First off, as I have said so many times, You are my main objective. My passion is health and wellness and passing my knowledge to you is my leading interest. Being your positive voice, helping you prove to yourself that you have the inner strength, and showing you the most effective ways to better yourself and your health are my goals. These are the main reasons I have begun this journey. Seeing you happy, healthy and at your best is what motivates me every day. I look forward to seeing your progress, and I enjoy watching you become the most beautiful for your wedding day and there after!



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I do have a little secret. At first, it is a funny story, but turns into a great motivational piece. For years, I have been struggling with headphones and ear buds. Not the headpiece or ear piece itself but THE WIRES. Too long. Too short. Falling out and getting caught. Losing them in my shirt. The list is endless and so are the stories. But, I found the answer. I found a wonderful motivational piece. I was given the gift of wireless BEATS. Having these Apple WIRELESS BEATS has been the key to my recent successes. They have made the workouts easier being I have motivational music playing constantly. My workouts have become more intense, because I am focusing solely on the workouts and not fiddling with wires. They have, without a doubt, become my most valuable motivational piece EVER!




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Now, onto my personal motivation! My happily ever after! This includes my angel babies and my ABSOLUTLY astonishing husband. These little boys are active. They are go getters and need constant motivation themselves. How can I push them to be their best if I can’t keep up with them? Being healthy for them makes my lifestyle easy to obtain. I want to look my best for Mr. C. I did not get married to have an excuse to fall apart. And with every passing year, there needs to be new and exciting “activities” that keep our marriage young and vibrant. There isn’t a thing I would not do to be healthy and look good to spend the rest of all my days with these studs!



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A small note! When you begin your lifestyle change, write down 3-5 things you want to accomplish and make them your goals. Whenever you feel you might give up or things are getting difficult, reread your reasons. Tell yourself your motivational pieces and make that day for a specific one! Sometimes it is hard to convince ourselves to keep going, but if you are pushing yourself for someone or something else, it could make things easier to achieve. Nothing good comes easy. So, do your work and keep yourself motivated and do not give up.

Make the commitment!


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